Alfoxton House (or Alfoxton Park) lies four miles from The Old Cider House in Holford and was where William and Dorothy Wordsworth lived when they stayed in Somerset to be near to Samuel Taylor Coleridge.17.10.18 Alfoxton Outside

For the past decade or so the property has been neglected, having been a hotel from 1959 up until the early 2000s and this month sees the auction of Alfoxton House by Kivells in Exeter. With a list price of 500-750,000 the property, with its outbuildings and 55 acres is a snip. It’s just that you’d need to spend the same again (and more) to restore it to its former glory.

There has been a property on the site since the Domesday Book, then known as the Manor of Alfoxton, and it has stood in its present form since it was rebuilt in 1710 after a fire. It was owned by the St Aubyn family and their crest can still be seen on the dog pound at the entrance to the property some half a mile down the road.

During the Second World War schoolchildren from Wellington House School in Kent were evacuated to Alfoxton and it was also used as a camp for American servicemen and nurses.

17.10.18 Alfoxton InsideHowever, it is the presence of the Wordsworths in the late eighteenth century that makes the property special and, being on the Coleridge Way, a potential visitor attraction or boutique hotel. It was here that Dorothy started her journal and also where Coleridge and William set off on 13th November 1797 with an idea for a supernatural and gothic tale that later became the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Ian blagged a viewing this week and imagined what it would have been like with Dorothy, William and Sam sitting around the large oak table, warming themselves by the fire and talking revolution and poetry, something that was no too difficult to do in these majestic surroundings.

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