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Gooseberry and Orange Jam Recipe

With summer in full swing, the garden is laden with fruit and veg and we are doing our best to use everything we harvest.

Over the past few weeks we have seen the soft fruit arrive in abundance; redcurrants, rhubarb and a glut of gooseberries. However, nothing gets wasted here at The Old Cider House and […]

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Short walk in the Quantocks

With the Quantock Hills on our doorstep anyone one wanting a short walk in the Quantocks can either walk straight from the house or, if a quick fix is required, jump in the car and be in the very centre of the hill within five minutes.

One of our favourite dog walks is a two-mile circular […]

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Wild Garlic Pesto

Wild Garlic Pesto

Walking in the Quantocks at this time of year and you’ll come across glades of wild garlic in many a woodland glade. You normally smell these pungent flowers before you see them – with their pungent garlicky odour filling the air.

The Latin name for the plant is allium ursinum so called due to […]

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Loo Paper

We have a new cleaner helping us out at The Old Cider House and a debate has arisen about what way the loo paper should go – over or under. We’ve always been an over the top loo paper establishment, however our cleaner has been a drop down and round the back person.

So does it […]

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Can You Trust TripAdvisor

Can you trust TripAdvisor?

We have just responded to the last batch of TripAdvisor reviews, thanking people for their kind comments and dealing with any constructive criticism where appropriate. But what do we think about review sites such as TripAdvisor or comments made on Booking.com?

Many B&B owners are terrified that they will get a bad review […]

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England Coast Path

Last week a further 58 miles of the England Coast Path was opened in Somerset, taking the project nearer to making all 2,700 miles of England’s coastline accessible to walkers by 2020.

The newly opened route joins up the South West Coastal Path to Brean Down, just south of Weston-super-Mare, and we (Ian, Lynne and Ozy […]

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Snowdrop Valley

The snowdrops are out again this year – no doubt still a bit confused about us not having a winter to speak about.

Of course, the place to see these wonderful little flowers is Exmoor’s  ‘Snowdrop Valley’ and two years ago we took our trusty Kodak with us to record the event.

The Valley is close to […]

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Breakfast Week at The Old Cider House

Breakfast Week at The Old Cider House.

In those long cold days of January, what better than a campaign to get people to start their day with a healthy breakfast?

This week it’s Breakfast week and over the years we’ve made a bit of an effort to do something a little different for our quests over the […]

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Are We Nearly There Yet?

It’s official; the “are we nearly there yet?” conversation starts 2 hours and 37 minutes into a car journey.

Highways England, who look after our motorways and major A roads (yes, your tax went to fund this piece of research), carried out an on-line survey and found that kids utter the phrase after just two and […]

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Dog Friendly Germany

Whilst the Quantocks are very dog friendly, we still have a long way to go to beat some of our European cousins in allowing dogs into public places.

Lynne, Ozy and I have just returned from a week-long dog friendly holiday in western Germany, travelling through France, Belgium and Luxembourg before reaching our destination in the […]

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