It’s a pain but forewarned is forearmed and the main route into Bridgwater via the Bristol Road i.e. from the north via the M5 is subject to major work for the next six months.

Whilst the Quantock Hills are lovely, out on the coast we have a new power station being built and EDF, the company building the plant, are helping to pay for a spanking new one way system and intelligent traffic lights (whatever they are)!

Bridgwater Roadworks

Bridgwater Roadworks

Being stuck in traffic is a pain but there are things to make the journey here to the Quantocks less of a hassle:

  • Think about arriving earlier. Traffic builds up at rush hour and usually after the school day finishes. Arriving at Bridgwater before then will make life easier and if you are early, you can always stop off for a cup of tea. Stig and Audrey at Cricketer Farm Shop and Café will always make you welcome.
  • Leave more time. Whilst you may be stuck in traffic, at least you will not be rushing and hopefully will be less stressed.
  • Carry on to the next junction of the M5 (Junction 24). We would only suggest this is the traffic is terrible, but it is an alternative.
  • Check on the current traffic situation local radio will help you navigate through the roadworks the BBC website is helpful as is BBC Radio Somerset on 95.5FM.
  • Give your destination a call if you are likely to be delayed. They can give you an estimation of your ETA and have the kettle on ready for when you arrive.
  • If you have any other suggestions use the comments box below.

Whatever problems you might have, you can be assured of a warm welcome when you get to us here in the Quantocks – so just relax and think of all the fun you’ll have when you arrive.

For further details see Somerset County Council’s site