Your Favourite Yoghurt

Earlier in the year we asked our guests which Yeo Valley Yoghurt they preferred from the selection that we provide at breakfast here at The Old Cider House. What we found was that the strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant always get eaten, but the peach and apricot invariably get left. This is fine, because we like […]

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Sweet Potato and Avocado Muffins

We often think that vegetarians get short shrift when it comes to cooked breakfasts so we’ve done our best to redress this issue here at The Old Cider House by ensuring that all our veggie guests get as good as, if not better, than the carnivores.

This week we have avocados left over and found this […]

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Breakfast Week at The Old Cider House

Breakfast Week at The Old Cider House.

In those long cold days of January, what better than a campaign to get people to start their day with a healthy breakfast?

This week it’s Breakfast week and over the years we’ve made a bit of an effort to do something a little different for our quests over the […]

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