Coleridge Way PostThe Coleridge Way signage has been up since 2005 and after twelve years or so it’s getting a little tired in places. So, a small team of keen volunteers went out to replace all those old, cracked and faded signs in the Quantocks with nice new ones.

The Coleridge Way signage is a burgundy quill in a white circle and signposts and pointers often state that it is the ‘Coleridge Way’ with either a yellow (footpath) or blue (bridleway) quill. On Exmoor, wooden discs depicting a quill are in evidence although some of these have weathered badly in places and those good people in Exmoor are undertaking a similar programme of replacement.

The Coleridge Way starts at Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s home in Nether Stowey and continues through the Quantock Hills, Brendon Hills ending up in Lynmouth in Exmoor, Devon. In total it’s 51 miles and it’s also possible to walk back to Nether Stowey via the newly completed England Coast Path.

New signage has also been put up in Nether Stowey to make the route clearer, something that had been commented upon by walkers starting the route, and now you can be certain of getting into the Quantocks without fear of missing a turning.

The volunteers had a beautiful day for this first stage of repairing; the skies were clear and, in the sun, it was very warm – fantastic for a February day!

So – if you’re looking to walk the Coleridge Way this year you can be assured of a fantastic welcome.

We look forward to seeing you soon.