What could be better than a proper coffee to make your stay at The Old Cider House just that little bit better?Coffee comes of age

When we started out there was instant in those little sachets. Each sachet contained a teaspoonful of Nescafé Original – you know the crumbly granules of coffee that tended to explode out of the packaging when trying to open. Next came Nescafé Gold Blend which was a far superior product in little tubes (we still have these in the rooms). We also tried coffee bags for a more authentic coffee taste. Of late we used higher grade instant coffee in miniature Kilner jars – which seemed to work.

Today we have evolved and we are rolling out Nescafé Dulce Gusto machines into our rooms.

These machines make superior coffee; from creamy café au laits to heart palpitating espressos and everything in between. They even make tea – although the jury’s out on this.

Each room has capsules of café au lait (rich coffee and the milk mixed together) and a grande intense (black, bold and full-bodied ground Arabica). We also have cappuccino, decaffeinated, espresso and hot chocolate available at a small charge.

“But wait”, we hear you say, “aren’t you contributing to the world plastic mountain?”. The answer is yes, and no. Yes, the pods are not recyclable in the normal way here in Somerset. However, we are looking at imaginative ways or reusing the pods. So far, we’ve grown seeds in them and used the coffee for composting. We are also keeping our ear to the ground and should a local recycling centre start up round here, we will be the first to use it.

So, there you have it, proper coffee comes to The Old Cider House.