With the Quantock Hills on our doorstep anyone one wanting a short walk in the Quantocks can either walk straight from the house or, if a quick fix is required, jump in the car and be in the very centre of the hill within five minutes.

Quantocks - Dead Woman's Ditch Walk

Dead Woman’s Ditch – 2 mile circular

One of our favourite dog walks is a two-mile circular walk from Dead Woman’s Ditch – right in the centre of the northern half of the hills.

No one quite knows why the area is called Dead Woman’s Ditch – there is no evidence to suggest that a body was found there and the name existed prior to the body of Jane Shorney, murdered by her husband of three weeks in 1789, being found further down the ‘Coach Road’ running north from the site.

The ditch forms part of either Roman or Saxon defensive earthworks and may even date back to pre-historic times.

The walk takes us west along a path parallel to the main road over the Quantocks to Crowcombe Park Gate and it’s here that some of the best views of the Quantocks can be had and it is often possible to catch a glimpse of Dunkery Beacon in Exmoor to the far west.

The return part of the walk is an easy mile through moorland, passing Wilmott’s Pool and along a perfect straight path now running due east back to the car park.

1.9 miles – easy | No stiles | Parking at Dead Woman’s Ditch

MapmyWalk directions at http://www.mapmywalk.com/workout/1595098355#