Stonehenge is a lovely sight although, on occasion, you can have too much of a view, especially after midday on a Friday when you are negotiating the two-lanes-into-one on the A303. However, perhaps we take the view for granted – we did, so we decided to have a closer look.



Don’t call us tight, but the £16.50 each was a little off-putting as was the fact that they don’t allow dogs and we had Ozy with us, so we decided to walk there using public rights of way.

From the Countess Roundabout we headed north up to the parking area at Woodhenge and Durrington Walls. This is the biggest complete henge in Britain and has been around for 4,500 years. From here we walked due west across the plain, up to the Long Barrow and then cutting across country to Stonehenge itself.

The fence around Stonehenge is very close to the stones themselves – in fact there is very little distance between those paying their £16.50s and us who walked right up to the monument. Our visit was on a lovely winter day with clear blue skies – in fact it was absolutely perfect.

We walked back via the Stonehenge Cursus so named after the Latin for ‘racecourse’ as the site was originally thought to be a Roman horse racing track.

The walk was 5 miles (8km) and very easy as the entire route is flat. We did it in a couple of hours without any problem.

So, if you do get stuck on the A303, why not turn off, put on your walking boots and spend a couple of hours walking around the UK’s most ancient monument. Hopefully, by the time you have got back to the car the traffic will have eased – just remember to let your B&B know you’ll be a bit later than expected.

For details of the walk see the National Trust website