The Quantocks are a lovely location in which to hold a wedding and we get many guests attending churches and wedding venues in the area staying with us. So, in order to get the most out of your visit here are a few tips:

    1. Leave plenty of time. The West Country is a very popular tourist destination and the M5 gets very busy, especially in the summer and at school holidays. If you are leaving on a Friday, then your journey time could double after midday.
    2. Relax. By leaving plenty of time it is less likely you will arrive hot and bothered. If the wedding is on a Saturday, then arrive on Friday afternoon, pop out in the evening to one of the three pubs for a meal and something to drink and enjoy a good breakfast – you’ll never know when you’ll next meal will be! Have a look HERE for ideas..
    3. Spend some time in the village and Quantock Hills. Bring your walking boots and we’ll show you some stunning walks in the area.
    4. Make a long weekend of it. Stay at least a couple of nights so you can appreciate all that the Quantocks have to offer.
    5. If you need an early check in, let us know in good time and we’ll arrange a time for you. This is very important as we are not around all of the day and have to make arrangements to be in when you arrive. Please also note that, on occasion, we have guests leaving late to prepare for an afternoon wedding and then guests wanting to arrive early also get ready!
    6. If you are attending a wedding at Quantock Lakes then getting there and back can be problematical. Whilst the venue is only a mile away, there are few taxis and a fare could be up to £40 return (more if they have to come from Bridgwater). Speak to the wedding organiser to let them know of this issue, make arrangements to share taxis or walk – just remember to bring sensible shoes and a torch as it is very dark and you will be on county footpaths. It takes about 15 minutes to walk – see map below.
    7. Organise your taxi in advance and negotiate a price. The two local firms are Chris 07980 530 552 or ‘To and Fro’ 07597 989737. Both are seven seaters.
    8. Don’t overdo it. We want you to enjoy your stay and breakfast the following morning. We serve breakfast at 9.00am at weekends and it would be a shame to miss it. if, for any reason, you don’t think you’ll be up to breakfast, let us know in advance so that we don’t waste food. Please note that if there is additional cleaning to be done, then we will charge for this.
    9. Above all enjoy yourselves.

From the house, turn left down Castle Street and right onto St Mary Street. At the A39 turn right and take the next right to pass by the recreation ground. Follow this road round to the left and pass the allotments. Up the steps at the end of the road and cross the A39 diagonally right. Down the steps on the other side and follow the old road. Pass Inwoods Garage (and old tractors) and take the track on the left to Quantock Lakes’ drive.

Bride photo courtesy of Rob D at