Wild Garlic Pesto

Walking in the Quantocks at this time of year and you’ll come across glades of wild garlic in many a woodland glade. You normally smell these pungent flowers before you see them – with their pungent garlicky odour filling the air.

The Latin name for the plant is allium ursinum so called due to the brown bear’s taste for the bulbs and its habit of digging up the ground to get at them. We know them down here as ramsons.

The plants are from the same family as the culinary garlic that we cook with but with the wild version it is normally the leaves that are eaten, although the flowers and bulbs are edible too.

Here’s our recipe for wild garlic pesto, although it’s a shame that the cheddar cheese we used, Nether Stowey Reserve, no longer exists as the Cricketer Farm creamery closed earlier this year. This is one of the last packets in existence!


  • 150gms                 wild garlic leaves – roughly chopped
  • 100gms                 blanched walnuts
  • 100gms                 strong West Country Cheddar
  • 125mls                  extra virgin olive oil