Earlier in the year we asked our guests which Yeo Valley Yoghurt they preferred from the selection that we provide at breakfast here at The Old Cider House. What we found was that the strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant always get eaten, but the peach and apricot invariably get left. This is fine, because we like the peach and apricot – especially with some fresh raspberries.

Thank you to all of you that responded to this question and we are pleased to announce that the favourite was, by a large margin, Greek style with blackcurrant close on its heels.

17.10.06 Yoghurt

We then asked guests if they had an opinion on what should be the fourth flavour in the variety pack. This met with, you will not be surprised, some interesting answers.

Most went for fruit combinations with a couple of nuts thrown in. We particularly fanced whortleberry – the wild bilberries that grown here on top of the Quantocks. Others fanced chocolate – nice. Two people chose beer, one of which was very specific – St Austell Tribute Ale!

Word Art

We shall make sure that the Greek yoghurt appears regularly at breakfast time and will let Yeo Valley know about your sugestions for alternative flavours.

Oh, and the winner of the free night at The Old Cider House is Carolyn from St Albans. Well done.